How would I go about making a spaceship movements?

Hi there ! I am trying to make a robust spaceship movement script.
So far I made a part of the script that knows which Player is sitting in a seat and when an input starts, but then I came by a problem:

How can I make the spaceship accelerate, then decelerate after the player stops holding down W ?

At first, I thought I could use Model.SetPrimaryPartCFrame, but it turned out to not work too well with acceleration, then I started researching BodyVelocities but I didn’t understand much as I never worked with physics scripts before.

Is there a simple way to do this? The spaceship will change its angles a lot so the way must allow that as well.

Any help would be appreciated ! :smiley:

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First: do welds with all parts if possible. The center of the model will be the driver’s chair.

Second: Use the BodyForce, BodyVelocity and the BodyGyro, like a flying script this or better this.

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Weld the ship together and add in a vehicle seat. You can then add a bodygyro and a bodyvelocity to the main part. Then, set the network owner of the main part to the player driving it, and then you can manage the gyro and velocity on the client.

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