How Would I Go About Making a Trailer for my Game?

How would I go about making a professional trailer for my game?

You usually need to have a lot of Suspense, but not too much, show a lot, but very little, cinematics are the juice of the Trailer

Best tip:
Look at your favourite AAA Games’ Trailers

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Music has a considerable impact on how we view a scene in a trailer. In fact, the accompanying music to a trailer can be entirely responsible for providing the emotional cues of how we should feel about what is occurring on screen.

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This. Music has such a psychological effect, and it can be the difference between a good trailer and a bad one. I’ve been editing for 2-3 years with Adobe software, and years before that with other stuff. The one common struggle I’ve had, no matter the software or experience, is finding music that suits the vibe while making the viewer excited.