How would I go about making an advanced Projectile?

Hello Everyone!

I was trying to create a projectile with High Velocity but It seems to bug out and not even touch parts alot I would also use body velocites but I get the exact same result as the normal velocity also I don’t want to use fastcast for this issue so is there another way to do it?

Any help is appreciated!

I recommend you use a casting module like fast cast, but you can make your own but you can make your own something like this

	local GunBarrel = gun.Barrel 

	local Bullet ="Part")
	Bullet.Size =,1,8)
	Bullet.Anchored= true
	Bullet.CanCollide = false
	Bullet.Material = Enum.Material.Neon
	Bullet.Parent = workspace

	Bullet.CFrame =, endpos)

	local Hit = workspace:Raycast(Bullet.Position, Bullet.CFrame.LookVector * velocity * 1.5 )

	local Loop

	Loop = game:GetService('RunService').Heartbeat:Connect(function(dt)
		Bullet.CFrame *=, 0, -velocity * (dt * velocity))
		if (Bullet.Position - GunBarrel.Position).magnitude > bulletrange then


Credit to someone in the forum for helping me out

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Ok I will test it out

It doesn’t work at high speeds

Thank You For The Effort But I Found Out A Way How to do it

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Would you be able to provide the script you were working on which wasn’t working?