How would i go about making Boss/Npc Attacks

Hi, I want to achieve making Boss/Npc attacks, but I don’t really know where to start?
I already have all the animations tho how would I go about making the actual attacks?

Can you guys help me :confused:

Depending on the type of boss you would probably have to use some sort of AI (artificial intelligence).

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I already have the system, all i need to know is how to make the attacks like a fire ball.

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Just go on youtube and type: How to make a magic attack. And boom a bunch of tutorials.

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I mean sure but there isn’t any tutorial that is gonna teach me how to make like a stomp attack :confused:

Stomp attack is just simply creating a part temporarily and if someone touches that part, it deals damage.

i thought you will need to make like a circle scale and make an instance?

As said above look on YouTube or maybe devforum tutorials. I’m sure you can find alot of tutorials. Then you can implement the attacks in your boss system.

I believe either would work. I am not sure but I think so atleast.

alr i will try my best :slight_smile:

I will tell you if it worked :slight_smile: