How would I go about making self-constructing miniature buildings?

Just to be clear I’m not looking for a script.

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I would like some guidance on how self-constructing miniature buildings are made inside Roblox Studio. Recently I was looking to challenge myself with a mini-project and did not know where to start. I wanted to start an actual project on which I can keep expanding on as my skills grew. Coincidentally, I was playing an indie game over the weekend that had a feature where houses would build themselves (rather quickly), which sparked this feeling of euphoria where I had remembered one of favorite games on Roblox. The Conquerors 3

The indie-game had a clean/simple GUI, and very smooth camera.
For my beginner project I wanted to implement the art-style and mechanics of the indie game and the self-constructing buildings of TC3.

The problem - I haven’t a clue on how to make those houses/buildings
For the art-style I’m going with should I use blender? I wouldn’t mind at all as I could finally have a reason to open it after so long… How would the buildings, well build themselves?

Looking for guidance.

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It is pretty simple he just used regular parts and then tweened them all using transparency, size, and position.
good luck :grin:

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Thank you very much! Definitely on the right path now,