How would I go about moving players between different instances of the same place?

Hey all, I am working on an adventure game with many different auto-generated levels.

I intend for the starting place to be a hub where you can select a level to enter, then when you select this level it will teleport you to another place and the level is auto-generated with my framework.

Essentially, I think I’m looking for a way to move players to a separate server not in the server list. When they enter the server, the level will be generated with the framework and anyone who wants to join them can do so.

I believe I’ve seen something like this before on the platform. It seems most commonly used to send you to player housing. Could anyone give me the lowdown on how to do this?

Yes, you can do this by adding a place let me show you.

Inside your game you can add places, that contain your levels, as dungeon quest & lots of other games use this same system.

You would simply, press “add place” as seen here.

Then utilizing teleportservice.