How would I go about recreating this effect?

Hello, recently I found this funny video (shown below) of exploiters using their characters to, what it seems, create a bigger character with it’s own animations, movement, etc, and I have tried implementing this as a mechanic to one of my games (I’m not actually gonna exploit).

So far everything I did didn’t seem to work. I tried welding one characters onto another characters, however that seemed to be unreliable. I did some simpler tests, like attaching the character onto an unanchored pole, which just made that the player had could move the pole. I’m out of ideas on how I could make this, so any help would be appreciated.

Virtually play the animation on a virtual humanoid via WorldRoot. Track the position of each body part and transfer them over to the bots, all of which are anchored

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Sorry to ask, but what do you mean by virtually? I’ve never heard anything about anything being virtual.

It doesn’t exist in workspace. Workspace itself is kinda like a WorldRoot, and you can create your own and play the animation in there

Okay thanks, will look into it :+1: