How would I go about saving a baseplate in a datastore?

I have no clue where to start there are no videos anywhere so I can’t get help from there. I’m not asking for someone to do it for me I just wand for know how other people did it! Also sorry for mistakes it’s 6pm and I have no sleep.

Can you explain what you mean by saving a baseplate in datastore?

You can’t , but what you can do is serialize some components, for instance on the baseplate, and save them. After that you can deserialize the data and clone those instances on a new baseplate for a player.

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You can’t save an object, but you can save their “positions”.

You could do this like this:

local positionsaves = {
  ["BasePlate"] = {0,0,0};

workspace.Baseplate.Position =[1],positionsaves.BasePlate[2],positionsaves.BasePlate[3]);

This is an example and I might have errored here, but I hope this helps. If you do use this I recommend doing some script cleaning.

How would I load the item back? Sorry for late replies I fell asleep.

I mean, not the “baseplate” this Roblox gives you a custom plot that’s people build on.

You could do many ways of loading it in, by :Clone()ing it or inserting it.