How would I go about scripting a discord-roblox bot

So recently I was into bits and wanted to make a bot which would act but like verify bots on Roblox, giving you your Roblox name and giving you a group role.

Would I need to use a webhook for this or just generally to find out how to connect discord.js with Roblox?

You can’t revive http requests in Roblox. I tried and failed. You can only send to discord.

What exactly do you mean by this?

If you don’t know a lot about hosting, and you don’t know how to program in Node.js, you can always use a webhook and have your bot pick up information posted by it. However, you would need to utilize HttpService to actually receive information from Discord webhooks in Roblox. Personally, I use a Node express server for getting and posting bans to/from MongoDB with Mongoose.