How would I go around this admin system

Greetings, my name is Sam! I’m a programmer, builder, and a GFX designer although not the best lol. I’ve came around to my addiction of admin panels as well as the administration system, I played many games including steam, garry’s mod etc etc. Which gave me inspiration for the UlX / admin panel that i’ve decided to make for ROBLOX, no this wont be open sourced although I will make one open sourced and fully scripted.

What I need to get done and help with;

Banning people for a specific reason and then logging if / saving it with datastores

Possibily add a time ban to the datastore system as well. [This doesn’t need to be done ASAP although I can do it myself.]

With the admin panel has 2 text boxes, one for the username and one for the reason. If I were to add the reason in when the banned user trys rejoining to the game after being banned, to see that reason. I’ve tried many possible ways and each way has not worked and has lead me to go up on here to speak my words.

No, there wont be any payment, and yes you will be given credits no matter what help I get. Only if the system works and gives what I put for it to work.

Contact me via discord.


Many thanks,
saouvs / Sam

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