How would I go on editing roblox's team gui

Ok so I dont know hoe to make a custom team system Im to bad at figuring out how to make the gui in the correct places so I would just like tpo edit roblox’s is their a way if not how would I make a custom one Like I how would I make everyone’s team called lobby and then put the team name above them and stuff

Can you describe the effect you’re after a bit more? It sounds like you might just be able to use the built-in system with Team instances under the Teams service if you simply want to split the players into teams.

Yes but I want to kinda redesign the gui of the playerlist including team gui

Since Roblox doesn’t let us touch CoreGui elements directly, you’re unfortunately gonna have to make your own player list from scratch. May not be very feasible but it’s the only thing you can do really.

Ok the problem is how would I make the team labels show up it’s kinda confusing Idk how tbh So basically if a peraon has a certain stringvalue of the team then that team is displayed with their name inside

I mean you could make it give you like 3 buttons just like jailbreak at the start and then when you click on a button it changes a variable to the name of the team and then it assigns you to the team when you press a button or something

If you make a custom player list, using 2 frames with a UIListLayout inside each, and then have the first object of the frame always be the team, then the players.