How would I have certain Objects be smooth for all Players?


  • Usually I would use the Client for this,
    Only Fire’s for the Player.

  • I have Tried using the Server
    Never Smooth. (duh)

Should i use a RemoteEvent for this?

This is my Main Question:

Does RemoteEvent:FireAllClients() only fire for the Players Currently in the Server, or For the Server in general? or is it FireClient() that does that?

Sorry if this is a bit vague

By smooth you mean animations? It can happen because of lag or problems with Network Ownership. So, the solution depends on what the animation is for:

  • It should verify something, it should happen on the server
  • It’s decorative, it should happen on the clients.
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I’m more of referring to certain Object being smooth for everyone, Like TweenService, CFrame, or its Physics, not for everything tho, just for specific Items

How would I make them smooth for all Players?

What I answered above, depends on it prioritize/security, also about whether everyone should see the same thing, although there is always the risk of lag.

There are free modules on the forum doing this job like TweenServiceV2, BoatTween, EasyTween, and AstraTween

FireAllClients() will fire the event for every player in the server instance.
FireClient(<Player>) will only fire the event for the provided player argument and nobody else.

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Thanks but I would not like to use ModuleScripts

Yes, you should use a RemoteEvent. TweenService is more delayed on the server compared to the client since there’s more traffic on a server.

And also,

  • RemoteEvent:FireAllClients() fires for each player in the server. Every play would see a change

  • FireClient is only for when you want to fire for a specific player RemoteEvent:FireClient(Player)
    This means that no other player would see a change but that player.

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Would this also fire for Players who haven’t joined yet, or joined after?

No, this only fires for the players that were in the server when FireAllClients has ran.

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I guess ill take this, thanks.

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