How Would I Have Level Names?


Let’s Say I’m Level 100 So I Want The Tag To Be “HACKERMAN”
so every level has a special name.


Here’s how I would go about making such a system.

local levels = {1, 100} -- table containing all level milestones, must be in order from least-greatest
local tags = {[1] = "Noob", [100] = "HACKERMAN"} -- dictionary mapping level milestones to tags

local function onLevel(level)
	local rank
	for i, minLevel in ipairs(levels) do
		if level < minLevel then
			-- the player is not high enough to reach this rank
			-- thus they must fall in the previous category
			rank = levels[i - 1]
	-- if the player is the max rank they'll reach the end of loop 
	-- having never set the rank because their level will never be less
	-- than any level in the table
	if not rank then 
		rank = levels[#levels] -- set the rank to the last value in the table
	return tags[rank]
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I will supose that you have some knowledge on Datastore and Tables, but this is quite simple:

This is just an example

local LevelsTable = {

		[0] = "Starter",
		[1] = "Beginner",
		[2] = "Normal",
		[3] = "Normal",
		[4] = "Normal",
		[5] = "Normal",
		[6] = "Normal",
		[7] = "Normal",
		[8] = "Normal",
		[9] = "Normal",
		[10] = "Advanced Hacker",
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(player)  -- Just an example

local Reference ="IntValue", player) <<<< Like this
Reference.Name = "Level" -- The name of IntValue
Reference.Value = 0 -- default value? i don't know how your system is

local PlrLevel = player.Level -- this is a "IntValue" inside the player


 print("Level Changed to: " .. PlrLevel .Value)

         if PlrLevel .Value == LevelTable[PlrLevel.Value] then 
	--Reference of TextLabel.Text here

       --TextLabel.Text = LevelsTemplate[PlrLevel.Value] -- The text will be what [LEVEL] was referenced
-- works with any Level

--LevelsTemplate could be a Module, where you would store all Level and stuff of the player
--LevelsTemplate is a table, so when the function is ran, i will get the matching [Player Level]
--then it will change the [Text] to what you wanted to be