How would I make a auto rank center without Routilites/Free ranking services

I Have made a Quiz Center just the Auto Ranking bot leads me to confusion if anybody knows how I could start on a bot please reply I’m also open for hiring but I currently don’t have much robux.

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This is a pretty hefty task and it’s been asked quite a few times, however you’ll need quite a bit of knowledge if you’ll want to do this without the help of an already made auto-rank bot. To start with, when you want to promote them you’ll need to send a HTTPS request out to an external server which can handle the management of what you’re asking for. You’ll need a roblox bot account just for handling the transactions of promotion and will have the server use this account to send a post request to the site, I believe you can look at all of the api at

This is all very brief but it would be a general pipeline as to how you’d do it. I would recommend using a premade bot though since it’s simpler and more efficient.

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Premade bots usually cost money for a certain amount of members ranked but I will gather knowledge and hopefully learn how to code one!

Hello, I have made a working rank bot with built-in security to prevent account data from being accessed. I used a remote event, so when the remote event is fired, it will check if the user passed the application and rank the user.

Well, what I can say as a javascript developer is you need a bot for that. And you can use noblox.js if you wanna make it simpler.

I made one and its fully working

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