How would I make a beam between a part & a ProximityPrompt?

I’d like to make it so there is a beam between a part and a proximity prompt

For example:

I’m not quite sure how to get the 3D location of the ProximityPrompt

If it helps, I’m using a custom prompt UI (BillboardGui)

Thank you!

You could get the position of the proximity prompt part*

I know how to do this, I just am unsure about how to get the position of the prompt (the example was meant to show what I was meaning, the part titled prompt is not actually going to be a part, it’s going to be the position of the prompt & the part named part is the parent of the ProximityPrompt)

You’re making a custom prompt ui right?

Yep. Still using the ProximityPrompt instance though

Now I understand, so is there some type of offset?

Yep. The prompt has a UIOffset property

Then if you add the offset to the part’s position you should get the proximity prompt’s position

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Alright cool, thank you!

adding this so i can send reply cause of stupid character limit

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