How would I make a billboard gui on visible to a certain player?

I am trying to make a billboard GUI visible to a certain player and not the whole server. How would I do that? Is it possible?


You’ll have to make the GUI visible through a local script, so it won’t replicate to the server.

  1. You can create the BillboardGui with a local script, then it will be visible only for you.
  2. You can allready create your BillboardGui, place it in the StarterGui, select the part with “Adornee”, and make it visible when your character is close to the part with a local script, by using position.Magnitude
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Try putting this in a localscript Parented to the gui:


if game.Players.Localplayer.Name == "jonny377" then

script.Parent.Enabled = true


script.Parent.Enabled = false

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If the BillboardGui is in workspace, it won’t work as Local Scripts don’t run in workspace.

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