How would I Make A BillBoard_Gui turn smaller every time my character or camera goes further away from it and the same for the opposite?

Hello people, I am trying to make a Home BillBoard_Gui so that my character can return and find where home is by finding a small icon on their screen. The problem is that it keeps on showing the same size, which can get in the way of the player.

My question is the title and the specific one is at the bottom.

Here’s a video: thing.wmv (1.9 MB)
Solutions i have tried:

  1. Searching the wiki, found nothing helpful
  2. Changing the offsets and scale.

Thought I have while making this post:

  1. This will probably include scripting, which I can’t do if that is actually the solution. But I’ll research on it anyways.

Q: How would I Make A BillBoard_Gui turn smaller every time my character goes further away from it and when the character gets closer to it, then the BillBoard_Gui will get bigger?

I’m pretty certain you can change your BillboardGui to be Scale-only (that is, get rid of any offset). e.g., 0, 30, 0)

This should keep the BillboardGui a set size where you can run away and it stays the same relative size. I have noticed this causes jittering, but that’s nothing you can control. Another option is to use a SurfaceGui that always faces the client’s CurrentCamera. Since the SurfaceGui is stuck to a part, it will not shrink or grow at all unless the part shrinks or grows.

I had this problem a while ago. Just make the BillboardGui’s (and it’s children) size only using Scale. Set all the offsets to 0.

I am so confused, my map is very large, and BIllBoard_Gui is new to me. How would I use the scale?

I’ve done that as Vampyrical suggested, and yes your answer is the same as Vampyrical’s answer. But I didn’t get the results that I wanted.

Ps, how do i upload a video instead of a download??

hey can you help me out here, i cant find the property Scale

The property scale is a property located under the X and Y property, which are located under the size property. (for Gui elements only)