How would I make a chunk loader for client optimization?

So, I am making a game with a lot of parts and a huge map. I would like to make something like streaming enabled but better. What I am trying to make is a chunk loader that will load in parts as the player approaches them.

I have no idea how to make a chunk loader system and asking you for your help, so if you know a way, please respond. Thank you.

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Using StreamingEnabled would be the easiest solution.

Is there a specific reason why you don’t want to use it?

Well not really, I just do not like how it works as it could be more optimized.

Are you trying to make a render for every part or certain only

In the past I’ve considered trying to use an alternative to StreamingEnabled due to client-side scripts not being able to load in GUI concerning objects that hadn’t loaded into the server yet. My situation was that of a large smooth terrain map that was not yet as heavily optimized as it is now; featuring ACS and mainly focusing on trekking across the map to capture objectives. The primary issue with StreamingEnabled as I previously mentioned was that the server was not loading in information on players which would result with glitches occurring in which members of the opposite team couldn’t kill one another due to not being recognized by their clients yet. Concerning specific parts requested by the client - I used a remote function but I can’t remember how I resolved the issue between players. Overall I would’ve much rather streamed terrain (which I should look into) rather than every asset.