How would I make a earth bend where when you move your mouse the object moves with you ( for the magic attack )


Please help

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Have you tried this yourself? Anyways, don’t ask for a whole script.

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I’m not asking for a whole script and I have tried… I’m asking how can I do it please learn to read and be respectful.

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All you wrote was please help and didn’t provide further information.

Also, people are not going to want to help if you are rude to them.

You could try using a body force to pull up pieces of the map. Get all the parts within the vector3 value of where you want the earth to be pulled out and create a body force like so:

local bodyforce ="BodyForce")
bodyforce.Force = 1000 -- strength of the body force
bodyforce.Position = -- position of the body force

Yeah sorry… I was gonna say something because on my screen, it didnt show what you were asking for. But then, it loaded in. Sorry about that.