How would I make a function run fast enough on server?


I am working on an interaction system and I am clueless on how to make the player grabbed not glitch backwards due to the relativaly slow Heartbeat or Stepped function.

RenderStepped is good enough but I can’t run it on the server.

And I know I could just have it also on the client but I am wondering if that is to Resource Intensive.

How should I do it?

I believe the RenderStepped event isn’t too much Resource Intensive, I can’t assure you but its obviously better than putting the load on the Server as per me.

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But if I dont have it on the server it would not be replicated and if I wanted to I would need to use remote’s which can be intensive at such a high speed.

Ok, I understand what you mean now, could you tell me what are you using for creating the grabbing effect? I mean like welds / Attachments or something?

I am not using welds or attachments. I simply move the character 3.5 studs away from the grabber via a script.

Why would you need remotes? If you are moving the character via control by another character, you can just weld the location to the person who is grabbing, and that player will always stay there. Alternatively, you could set the network owner of the player to the grabber, but that’s risky because exploiters could have a field day flinging players.

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Nearly exact to what I was going to say next,

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