How Would I Make A Glass Pane Fit In This Space?

Hello everyone! I have come across an issue while trying to make a modern-looking cabin in a forest. I have found a gap in my walling that I intend to use for a wedge-like glass pane. I’ve tried using just wedges and rotations but the result did not look good. I also have tried using gap fill to fill the space but it doesn’t exactly work with the spacing. Any suggestions?

Try using a Union
As seen here:

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I tried to use unions as well, did not turn out how the gap was aligned.

If you need further instruction on how to use a Union, I’ll create a list of my recommended steps:

  1. Insert a part and scale it so that it fills the gap where you want the wedged “window” to be.
  2. Duplicate your last part (Ctrl/Cmd + D), rotate said part to the match the angle of the hypotenuse in the triangular gap, potentially make said part wider, and then negate said part.
  3. Finally, Union both parts together and change the properties to your liking.

I’m aware of how to do that, I tried doing those instructions before, it just ended up causing more wedges to fill which were too tiny to match each other to create a smooth perfect alignment inside of the gap.

I can’t see how just a single wedge wouldn’t fill that. Put the bottom flat edge right at the surface of the bottom frame. Turn your Resize tool increment off and just stretch it until the egdes just fit the inside edges of the frame and hide the point in the wall.

@BigColt36 If you are having issues you can put a wedge on top and an square on the bottom and union them together to get rid of the line.

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It’s because I don’t want the pane to go through the wooden beam that you cut out there.

I suggest following my idea. Above

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If the pane is hidden inside the wall then does it matter?
If you don’t want the extra pointed bit, then do as others suggested, make a Negated Part in that location then Union it.
I don’t suggest making Unions out of many smaller Parts, just use a large Part (or WedgePart) and Negate sections off it.

Ohhh I see what you mean, you are saying to make a wedge and then negate certain parts out of the one wedge?

I ended up trying to use that but the wedge ended up leaving tiny gaps at the very top of the wedge. It just doesn’t want to fit perfectly in :joy:

Are you sure?

My method appears as it should work to serve your purpose:

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Oh wait nvm, I got it to work. Just unioned my parts the wrong way. Thank you so much for the help! Sorry I’m such a noob haha :smile:

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