How would I make a knockback system?

How would I go about making a Knockback System?

I am wanting the knockback system to fire when the player clicks with a tool equipped.

Try searching the forum with the Search tool up top. I’ve seen quite a few posts over the years about knockback or force movements of players.

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Use BodyVelocity, it’s clunky sometimes but has a straight direction which means gravity wont matter on the speed or direction either.

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Shouldn’t I use AngularVelocity soon as though BodyVelocity is deprecated?

To be honestly, i dont know what AngularVelocity does, but im usually using this old feature.
You can read about it here: AngularVelocity

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Is there anyway you could show me how to do this when the tool is activated. I am not used to using BodyVelocity or AngularVelocity.

This is the code I have already:

LocalScript inside of Tool:


Server Script inside of ServerScriptService:


Which direction u want the player to go?

Just in the air straight ahead.

You can make it without the local script, simply add Server-sided Script to tool, but if u want u can just find out how to use it on forum or rblx studio documentation, im not sure i can help you as im busy

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The link posted above should bring you to the API article, which includes code you can copy-paste and edit into your own script.