How would I make a map that shows tasks? (Like in among us)

I want to make a gui that if you cick it, it shows a frame of where the tasks are.

So if I were to make a map template of my map (I have done) how would I make dots appear of where the tasks are?

(I hope all of that made sense)


You can clone the map into a ViewportFrame and add real objects for the tasks since it is locally. Like a minimap.

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You could have all the spots where there are tasks, have the dot. But only have the Visible property locally enabled on the ones the player has.

You could have a boolean, for example, if a player has finished their task, set the boolean to false and then set the image over the take to invisible. If the player needs to do their task, have a boolean set to true and show the image over the task on the mini map.

Something like this

local PlayerNeedsToDoTask = true
   if PlayerNeedsToDoTask == true then
     -- Set the gui visibility to true

Something like that, for if the player needs to do the task.