How would I make a model collide with other objects using collision groups?

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I wanted to ask how I could use PhysicsService to create collision groups to make my model collide with other models? I’m currently using Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame and I would like to make it collide with other objects when I’m moving it.


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CFraming is not going to cause a collision (irrelevant of the collision groups). You can pretty much just think of CFraming as a teleport as opposed to just a straight movement. Using a BodyMover or VectorForce will cause a collision to occur.

FYI for the collision groups - as long as you don’t explicitly make it so a collision group doesn’t collide with other things in the same collision group, they should collide.

So in other words, collision groups only allow for collisions within the group?

Not quite, what I’m saying is unless you do something like PhysicsService:CollisionGroupSetCollidable("collisGroup1", "collisGroup2", false), then they should collide with that collision group (assuming that CanCollide is true).