How would I make a new default run

I know this may not be the right spot

So I animated my own run and I want it to be the new default run but I can’t figure out how to do it if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


The title here is quite misleading, and I believe that to make this the default run, you have to replace it with the CoreAnimations (and likely set the priority to Core). But I’m not certain about this.

How would I replace it with the CoreAnimations

I’m not sure about the method. That question might belong in Scripting Support.

O ok well I will try to look into it more thank-you

When your character is created in studio, copy the Animate local script that’s auto-inserted into your character then stop the play test and paste it into StarterCharacterScripts. From there, edit the RunAnim AnimationId to your animation


(This gets inserted into your character)

(Copy it)

(End the play test)

(Paste it into StarterCharacterScripts)

(Find this (or something similar) in the Animate script)

(Change this)