How would i make a NPC collide with nothing?

I am making a npc type of pet system and i want the npc to collide with nothing not even the map, It uses raycasting, And i think collision with a pet system isnt that good looking. Yes i have used physicsservice, But its not what im looking for considering id have to get all of the items in workspace and set the collision group to a group.

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So, you don’t actually need to get all the parts in the workspace. Roblox conveniently puts all part’s into a ‘Default’ collision group when created, which remains until you change it yourself.

With this in mind, you can create a collision group with the pet and the map floor, and set the collision status to true,

And then simply set the collision status of that group, and ‘Default’ to false:

local Physics = game:GetService('PhysicsService')

Physics:CollisionGroupSetCollidable('test','test', true)
Physics:CollisionGroupSetCollidable('test','Default', false)

Physics:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent, 'test')
Physics:SetPartCollisionGroup(workspace.Baseplate, 'test')

Which provides this output: