How would i make a "physical" wheel spin with rewards?

Hi, ive been making only UI wheel spins, but no idea how would that go for model ones. what i mean by model is wheel spin created out of baseparts. Could someone give me a brief explanation?

Yes, you use built in Roblox Physics and movers.

  1. Make the model of the wheel
  2. Take a HingeConstraint and constrain the moving part of the wheel to the axel
  3. Set the properties of HingeConstraint to motor or servo to make it move
  4. Make sure the moving part is unanchored
  5. Done!

i do know how to make it rotate, just not know how to make it actually predict the rewards…

I don’t know what that means

They mean like they don’t know how to make it pick a reward when you spin (like the random choice logic)

I assume you’d use some weighted chance system and then make the (idk what the thing is called lol maybe “finger”?) line thing stop at whatever is chosen yk?

Well if you want it to be purely physical you can just set the velocity of the hinge and then when it stops check where it lands

But more likely he wants it to be predetermined based on weighted items. So then what he can do is make it spin around a bunch of times (for effect) and then use the servo and target property to manually point it at the chosen item.

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