How would I make a ranking system?

I currently have a working ranking system in my game, which has all it’s permissions and roles, but I’ve run into a problem. There are new players who have to be ranked every day, and it’s getting hard to keep track of all of their player ID’S. Because right now the script works by getting the players ID and ranking them. So I’m wondering if there was a way to have a GUI which can rank people with a click instead of having to retrieve their ID’s, paste it into the script, and have to restart the server to update it.

From this i assume you’re talking about a group rank?

So, How this would work is, You’ll have to make the actual gui, And when the button is pressed you would get their ID, Such as seen below:

      local Target = game:GetService("Players")[Textbox.Text].UserId
      if Target then
           -- rank the player in the live game.

If you’re ranking them which isn’t a group rank, You might also want to store the rank data in a datastore so it saves.

It’s in game, here is a screenshot of the ranks: -
To customize the text / give a player a rank here I’m having to get the player ID. Thanks, I’ll check out data stores

Basically, All you have to do is use the code i gave you, And then “Target” will be the Id of the player, And then just use your current ranking code to rank players, With the “Target”

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