How would I make a script ignore certain parts in the player

So basically I have a 2 hitboxes that are welded to each arm in the character and every time the player throws punch they hit each other. How would I make the script ignore parts that are in the character whilst dealing damage.


Would it to be possible to check if the Humanoid’s (I am guessing thats what you are using to deal damage) parent is not the character that is throwing the punch?


The damage script is in a loop so I make it check for what it Hits and If its hits another character then it deals damage. The problem is that the hits are not consistent as in it would hit the player then it would hit the hitbox inside of your character, thus not dealing damage to what it hits.


So is it firing like alot of times or not at all, your messages are confusing to me. If it’s firing too much then try a debounce

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Yes its firing and it has a debounce in the script so it damages x amount times per second. What im trying to to is make it completely ignore a certain part with a certain name while continuing to damage a player.

just check if its not that name then

I guess i was just overthinking it, Thanks!