How would I make a server synced datastore?

My plan is to have a dynamic battlefield which changes on a daily basis depending on the attackers within a 24 hour period. Similar to the battle map on “For Honor”:

I know to accomplish this I would need a server synced datastore that can keep track of players adding and subtracting units from the battlefield and after I use http service to pull a UTC time from google i can sync the servers to all swap territories according to the most amount of troops at the end of the 24 hours.

my problem is how would I go about creating a datastore that is specific to the server and can constantly be updated on multiple servers while maintaining synch integrity. What methods could I implement that could make this system actually work. If my game is going to be having 200 players on a daily basis, i want to make sure the player count can keep up with the servers and make sure that all players on all servers can accurately contribute to the cause.


You could probably use MessagingService with the combination of data stores.


You can use External datastores. There are quite a few posts about them.


Sorry to bump just curious if there are any other alternatives or solutions.

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Final bump before I put this thread to rest. Still curious if there are any easier and more convient solutions to messaging service.

Firebase ran by google, is useful for server sync.