How would I make a spindash?

I’ve been searching all over the internet and the dev forum on a tutorial. I then found nothing, so I thought “Maybe I can temporarily weld a ball model to the character, make the character can collide false, and make the ball model can collide true. After that, I could make a script that launches the ball”. I already know how to launch the ball, I just don’t know how to TEMPORARILY turn the character into a CAN COLLIDE TRUE ball. If theres a way to do this, please tell me as I’ve been stuck on this for days (maybe I’m not searching hard enough).

You can simply make animations for the ball. Attach the ball to the RootPart or Torso, with an Motor6D, and then create the spin dash animation.

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I’m not looking for an animation. I’m looking for the physics aspect, the part that makes you roll. I said can collide true for a reason