How would I make bullets inaccurate?

Hello, I am making a boss fight, and they have a shooting attack, and I’m tweening the bullet to the player and all, but I need it to be a bit inaccurate to not hit the player every single shot and have aimbot, how would I tween it so it hits the player but sometimes it’s inaccurate?

I don’t know what your code looks like, but do something like

TargetPosition = Character.PrimaryPart.Position +,5),0, math.random(-5,5))

An easy way to do this would to make it taget the RootPart of the Character, and then just add a random Vector to its position.
Given that is a terrible solution, it would work.
Example code:

local MinX = -2
local MaxX = 2
local MinZ = -2
local MaxZ = 2
local MinY = -2
local MaxY = 2

-- when it targets a player
local XOffset = math.random(MinX, MaxX)
local YOffset = math.random(MinY, MaxY)
local ZOffset = math.random(MinZ, MaxZ)
local EndPosition = Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position +, YOffset, ZOffset )

(Sorry for late response I was busy)

But, do the bullets still hit some of the time?

Also how would I tween this to the player?