How would I make Camera:Interpolate() Use my CFrame, and not my position

I’ve tried making a cutscene for my game, but what I’ve noticed is that when using Camera:Interpolate(), it likes to use my position, thus when I add Vector3 or values to it, it decides to go to different angles based on where my Character is facing. I’ve fixed this before by using CFrame.angles(0,0,0) to make it face forwards, but I’d like to know if there’s any other way of solving this issue.

Is there a reason you are using Interpolate over the TweenService?

Not really, it seemed a lot easier to edit using interpolate for me.

Camera:Interpolate is Deprecated. So, I would recommend using TweenService!

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TweenService supersedes Camera:Interpolate. I would recommend you use that service if you would like to have more customization, flexibility, and most importantly, ease of access.