How would I make "ice" physics

I want ice physics in roblox, so like the puck will slide, the player will slide even when he/she is not pressing wasd, I already have a shooting system just need to know were to even start with ice physics.

You can change the CustomPhysicalProperties of the part, and set its Friction value to a low amount I believe


You can do what @Jackscarlett mentioned if you want to rely on Roblox physics. However, if this is for something like hockey then I would try creating your own system for this. CFrame:Lerp or Vector3:Lerpcan be used for this, as well as TweenService | Roblox Creator Documentation. If you want to make it seem like ice then you don’t have to use quasi-realistic physics as long as it looks good. This could be accomplished by slowly making the value for lerping to the next point less and less making the puck appear to slow down.


I mostly meant for the player, not the actually puck.

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