How would I make Motor6D animations snap into place on equip?

If you don’t know what I mean, it’s where if I were to equip sword for example, then a shield, I don’t want to see the animation slide into place (in my situation, the shield rotates as the sword needs a different orientation). Basically, I want each on equip animation to have a teleport style instead of have it awkwardly slide into place. Note that I have the Motor6D in the Right Arm on character added.

Also, this is how I connect the Motor6D

	local rightArm = sp.Parent:FindFirstChild("Right Arm")
	if rightArm then
		if rightArm:FindFirstChild("RightGripAttachment") and rightArm:FindFirstChild("RightShoulderAttachment") then
		rightArm.Motor6D.Part1 = sp.BodyAttach

I connect it from the client too so it’s more faster too. Also, if you’re wondering about me deleting those attachments, the attachments delay the Motor6D’s connection.