How would I make ots system camera go from third person to first when aiming?

Hi developers :wave: my name, is hypnoticrunner12 or clumsy I want to make a OTS gun system be able to go in first person when using the right mouse button and transition back to Over The Shoulder. (Similar to the ghost recon franchise)

Where do I start and how do complete my goal?

I tried editing the script and etc but it just breaks the and dosnt work

P.S. the ots system is in the toolbox under the name “ots gun system” if u want to check it out and my discord is clumsy#4922 if you want to contact me.


If you’re still editing it what you want to do is disable the CameraSystemLocal script under StarterCharacterScripts and change the FOV to 70 in all your guns and that should fix your issue.