How would i make this white knockback effect things

On the server, it looks like that this only occurs when the player is on a high speed flying or smth…?
(This game isn’t mine and you probably know about it)

You could just make animations for that if you hit a player it does an animation flying back or you can make a BodyVelocity

No uh replay the video and you’ll see these white effects when he got knockbacked

trails maybe? (character limit)

Maybe create a transparent part with collision on?

How would i detect if he’s flying or on high speed or smth like that

From the video, I assume that there is an ability or something that allows the player being attacked to “dash backwards.” When the player activates the ability then the scripts would create a body velocity moving the player backwards and then it looks like they created a trail on different parts of the body when the velocity is activated.

Trails, beams, decals or parts. In this case they probably used beams then some tweening based on the knockback direction vector and a random offset.

Oh you meant the effects alright then my bad :sweat_smile:

I figured out to make multiple parts and cframe it around the player randomly