How would I make this?

I want to make it so that if they click a GUI, they can duplicate a tree and move it around to the place they want it to go. idk how to start making this. I do know some basic programming. But ill need some help.

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Change the title into topic you want to talk. Also, remember not everyone have many time to stay, explain, teach you about this so please be more specific on what you want. Provide some pictures if needed.

Do you want to make a building game like bloxburg? When you click on something, you can drag the furnitures or the “Tree”?

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A Post Inside of Scripting Support should not be about asking to make a script, your supposed to already have one and then paste it in their, then state your problems, check the rules for scripting support please.

Also, try Searching up a YouTube tutorial.


He didn’t asks for scripts, he’s just asking how to

Clone a tree you have made and use mouse service to make it follow the mouse and get placed when you click.

" Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category. "

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You could use a modified version of this placement system to place a tree once a GUI button is clicked.

No I mean where do I start? Like what do I do first.

You will have to use RemoteEvents. You can learn more about them here: RemoteEvent

  1. Make a LocalScript inside the button
  2. Make a RemoteEvent named “Placement” inside the button
  3. Make a Script inside the button

In our LocalScript do:

local button = script.Parent
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local mouse = player:GetMouse()

Then, in the server script do:

script.Parent.Placement.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, mousePosition)
    local tree = workspace.Tree:Clone()
    tree.Parent = workspace
    tree.Position = mousePosition
    print(plr.Name .. " placed a tree!")

Pretty basic, not tested. You may have to adjust it according to your needs.
Note: this is exploitable as it uses a RemoteEvent. Consider doing server side checks to prevent exploiters.

That’s for you more to decide, I recommend learning scripting with the online first edition lua book

You’ll need to use a RemoteEvent, LocalScript, a serverscript which will handle the remote and primary part inside your tree.

This example may not work since I wrote this all on mobile.

button.Activated:Connect(function() -- connect a new event
    local preview = tree:Clone() -- create a preview of where the player is putting the tree

    local _, size = preview:GetBoundingBox() -- this is to make the tree stand on the ground
    local offset =, size.Y / 2, 0) -- how much higher the tree will be

    mouse.TargetFilter = tree.PrimaryPart -- so the tree doesnt keep going to our camera
    preview:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(mouse.Hit + offset) -- set the tree's cframe
    preview.Parent = workspace -- make the preview visible

    for _, object in pairs(preview:GetDescendants()) do -- loop through the tree's objects
        if object:IsA('BasePart') or object:IsA('UnionOperation') then -- check if its a part
            object.CanCollide = false -- make it not collidable
            object.Transparency = .7 -- make it transparent
            object.Material = Enum.Material.Neon -- change the material (optional)
            object.Color =, 1, 1) -- change the color

    local connection = mouse.Move:Connect(function() -- connect a event
        preview:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(mouse.Hit + offset) -- set the tree's cframe

    mouse.Button1Down:Wait() -- wait until the player has clicked
    connection:Disconnect() -- stop moving the preview
    preview:Destroy() -- remove the preview

    remote:FireServer(mouse.Hit + offset) -- make the tree visible to everybody
remote.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, cframe) -- connect a event to place the tree
    local newTree = tree:Clone() -- duplicate one
    newTree.Name = player.Name .. '\'s Tree' -- name it (optional)
    newTree:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(cframe) -- set the cframe
    newTree.Parent = workspace -- parent it