How would I preload unions on the client?

I have a character customization system where hair is cloned from Replicated Storage and welded to the character preview each time the player switched selections. However, some of my hair models have unions, and when the hair is copied to the character preview for the first time, the unions aren’t rendered for a brief moment. When the player switches to that hair when the unions have already been rendered before, it loads without any delay.

So, how would preload the unions? I tried making a copy of the unions and hiding them somewhere so the client would load them, or cloning the hairs in a script and hiding them underground before the player goes to the customization screen, but it doesn’t have an effect.

In the clip, the top of hair 2, which is a union, isn’t loaded for a brief moment when I switch to it. When I switch back to hair 1 and then to hair 2 again, the union loads fine. It isn’t much of a problem, but it’s pretty annoying.

Nevermind, I solved it myself, it had something to do with the way I parented the unions.