How would I prevent flinging?

So basically, every time I swing, my character dashes forward. However, when I fight, say a player, or a rig in the example below, it often flings me away from the player, sometimes shoots me up in the air (because probably the dashing forward occurs making the player collision towards the object in frot of it)

Any methods to prevent flinging or how would I go on about this?
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When the player dashes, iterate through the parts and meshes in the player.Character and set canCollide to false. Then when the dash is over, re-enable it. This may cause other problems though, like glitching through the map. This can be solved though by just having the character dash, and then when the dash ends do something like:


Where originialPosition is the place they were prior to the dash, or directly in front of the player they are fighting or whatever you want.

Thanks! Used your method to basically check if the player is nearby a player, say 5 studs, prevent dashing instead