How would I put bullets on the client?

Currently, I’ve been working on a gun to shoot parts. I first created the bullets on the server, however they had a lot of delay, so I created them on the client, and it was much smoother. However, I’m not entirely sure how I would create the bullets on all clients. If I made a separate bullet on each client wouldn’t that lead to issues when trying to damage a player hit by the bullet?

Use :FireAllClients which is just :FireClient but instead it fires to everyone’s.

If i were to create the bullet on the clients, wouldn’t that mean each client would create a different part? If a remote event fires when someone is hit by the bullet, wouldn’t that mean several bullets would hit them depending on how many clients there are?

if it’s intended for player-to-player combat it probably shouldnt be on the client at all, it has to be on the server otherwise it’s unsecure and abusable by exploiters