How Would I Recreate This?

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to make a nuclear power plant, like this- image

I have finished most of it except I am stuck with how to incorporate the green square things onto the base. What is the easiest and most effective way I could do this?

Thankyou guys!


I don’t know if you know a bit of blender, but since I’m a modeler I would just make a cube, flatten it and downsize one side of it in blender.


Start adding background houses. As for me not bad work) u can add more detail to that plant thing. Like use custom textures and just make more detail there) it would look cool then I think)


Maybe for the 2 buildings you would probably need a mesh, for the pipes you would need a mesh. Let’s just say, a lot of meshes.


You can add some decals to the base


The 2 buildings on each side should be made in blender, but the rest can be built in studio.


This really depends you could try using different alternatives such as plugins “SBS, F3X,” it looks more like a flat part in the middle with outlines around it, it shouldn’t be to complicated to make since the image shows a more smooth base for the green parts to be placed in a straight line formation.

I feel like you should recreate the concrete part in order to make the green parts more appealing, softwares aren’t needed in the case since this could be also done by using different plugins to make those different types of parts.

If you choose to use Blender to create the green parts it’s mainly just a plane flatten with outlines around it you could use a part and make it surround the main area. Not typically the best way to go about this though, is using plugins i would try recreating the main part so the green grass parts could look straight: I’d suggest making a square part, and then adding variations to it.


Unions, then add the grass inside the place where you put the negative part.