How would I replicate a viewmodel to the player's real arms?

So this question has been asked (and answered) before, but none of those threads really worked for me. My question is:

I have an FPS viewmodel and currently it is only visible to the client’s camera. I would like to replicate all of this viewmodel (gunshots, reloading cframe lerps, walking animations, arm positions etc) to the SERVER.

I have thought of some ways of doing this before but none of them seemed plausible. One way was to CLONE the viewmodel, destroy the player’s current arms and substitute the viewmodel for those arms. Problem is, I don’t know:
a) If this can actually be possible
b) How to position the viewmodel correctly
c) How to keep all the CFrame lerps (because that’s what I’m using for the majority of the animations)

How can I replicate this viewmodel to the server?

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One of the ways to do this, is to create a viewmodel by manipulating character’s Motor6Ds. Basically, you will make only “third-person” animations.