How would I represent this as an object?

Hi, I’ve been working on a horror game with a friend of mine and I want to implement a gamepass store in the lobby, which triggers a GUI by going near the shop. Before you open the GUI, I have the stall/shop area that shows some objects on display, which would also represent the gamepasses. One of the gamepasses is 1 respawn for every game you play in, but I’m not sure how to represent it as an object. I’ve asked my friend who I’m working on this with, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I was originally thinking a totem of undying inspired object, but I don’t want to exactly copy from another video game. So, I need some advice on how I would represent life or respawns as an object. Can someone give me ideas?

Also, I didn’t know where to post this in. If someone could tell me a better place that would be appreciated, and sorry for asking of so much.

A hearth with a plus, like:
+(optional)1 :heart:

Hmm, I do like the heart concept. I’ll give it a try!

Yep, that looks good. Thank you!

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