How would i rotate the camera?

Wondering how i would do this but also make it so the player cannot move there camera

Set the camera type to scriptable.

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Yeah but how would i actually move it or rotate it

You just have to read about CFrames | Roblox Creator Documentation and CFrames | Roblox Creator Documentation. Since camera doesn’t have any position nor orientation properties you should learn about CFrame.

Btw I wonder why you want to rotate or move the camera.

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Ok the reason is i want ot make a subnautica inspired rocket escape and it needs camera manipulation for it to work so yeah

Oh you want to make a cutscene? If so you should use Moon Animation, you can manipulate the camera in there and it can be exported giving you the CFrame.

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Sorta but it has to be first person i think it would be a pretty cool and a orginal edition to the type of game im making