How Would I Script A Tank So It Would Move?

I made a tank and i want to make it move, how would i do that? Or what script would i use and where would i put it? should i group it? The Script For This and how to use it would be greatly appreciated!

You could use something like the inspire chassis but make the wheels transparent, here’s a video on how to connect a body to the chassis keep in mind you might have to play around to get it just right.

Here’s a video if you want the treads to move.


Btw My Tank looks like this:

Just give it transparent wheels my guy. Use a pretty basic script where it pulls vehicle seat informational inputs. psuedocode below

if throttle == 1 and steerleft == 0 and steerright == 0 then
wheels.AngularVelocity = 1 --vehicle moves forward
elseif throttle == 1 and leftsteer == 1 and rightsteer == 0 then
leftwheels.AngularVelocity = .5
rightwheels.Angularvelocity = 1 --moves forward while turning left
elseif throttle == 1 and rightsteer == 1 and leftsteer == 0 then
rightwheels.AngularVelocity = .5
leftwheels.AngularVelocity = 1 --moves forward while turning right
elseif throttle ==0 then --vehicle isnt moving forward
if leftsteer == 1 then
rightwheels.AngularVelocity = 1 --turns left
leftwheels.AngularVelocity = -1
elseif rightsteer == 1 then
leftwheels.AngularVelocity = 1
rightwheels.AngularVelocity = -1
wheels.AngularVelocity = 0

something like that. there are probably better ways to do it, but that is pretty much the simplest you can go code-wise

The inspare chassis would work but as I said you’d have to alter it a little like height and stuff.

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