How would I set a render distance for a billboard gui?

Ok Devs, this has been on my mind for a little while Ive looked around but have yet to really find any way to change the render distance for a billboard gui attached to a part. So Ive seen this done before so I know It’s possible usually with a pet system. When you walk close to it the gui interface pops up but when you’re further away it goes away. When I try and make a billboard gui it doesn’t leave at a certain point and I looked in the settings to change it I found no way to change the max rendering distance. Does anyone know how I can change the max render distance for a billboard gui? Thanks from John…

My set up for the billboard gui:



Did you try MaxDistance?


I think so. Let me try again.

Ok it worked and I also put in my guis in the wrong set up order…

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