How would I stop this from tweening to the top instead of the bottom position?

Hey Developers,

Quick question. So basically I’m trying to tween a little frame to UDIM2 0.013, 0,0.869, 0. But, instead of going to that position the frame goes to the top in that relative position as seen in the video. I also noticed that the text likes to shake a lot and move out of place upon tweening, almost making it look blurry in between tweening. Anyone know how to fix this? I have attached the line of code I’m using below.

Configuration.Notifications.Notification_Element:TweenPosition(,nil,Enum.EasingStyle.Quint,3,true,nil) – The configuration table just holds that UDIM2 value.

It’s probably because of your guis scale and offset.

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Both the position and size use scale. On both elements of the GUI., 0, Configuration.Notifications.Notification_Element.Position.Y.Scale, 0)

Still does the same thing. I have no idea why??

Whats the value of Configuration.Notifications.Open_Position?

['Notifications'] = {
		['Open_Position'] = 0.013, 0,0.869, 0,
		['Closed_Position'] = -0.2, 0,0.869, 0,
		['Notification_Time'] = 5,
		['Notification_Element'] = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Notification

You can’t store multiple numbers in one variable like that. You can try storing a table and unpacking it when you need to use it though

['Open_Position'] = {0.013, 0, 0.869, 0}

I had a feeling it was all the commas. Thanks, let me go try that.

Took some trial and error but got it to work. Thanks!