How would i update a table when a variable is updated

so i have something like

local CashMultiplier = 1

local Raritys = {
	{"Money1", .33 * CashMultiplier},
	{"Money2", .03 * CashMultiplier}

i thought i could just change the cash multiplier later and whenevre i call the table it would be updated with the new amount but it keeps the 1

any way to update this table whenever cash multiplier is changed or do i gotta do somethign else


Use meta-tables or setup a system that utilizes a custom signal module. If you look up these you’ll see that the first may be a little complicated for beginners, but it will pay off.

so would i have to create some sort of function whenever so that whenever cash mult is changed i have to edit / rewrite some of the table

Metatables are not needed for this.

What you could do is make a function that returns a new table of rarities based on a given parameter.

local function GetRarities(CashMultiplier)
	return {
		{"Money1", .33 * CashMultiplier},
		{"Money2", .03 * CashMultiplier}

never thought of this, thanks for the help!

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