How would I use GitHub to send information there and back?

Hey! So I’m playing around with JavaScript and managed to make a number round system (this is javascript)

function RoundNumber(NumberToRound) {
  if (typeof(NumberToRound) == "number") {
    var Check = Math.round(NumberToRound)
    if (Check == NumberToRound) {
      console.error(NumberToRound, "Is already a integer!")
      return false
    else if (Check !== NumberToRound) {
      return Check
  console.error(typeof(NumberToRound), "Is not valid")

Now. I haven’t had any other uses of HTTPs service so this is all new to me. How would I go about calling this from studio and sending the number there, and it returns the rounded number back?

You can use heroku to host scripts.

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Yes but what I use is just plain JavaScript, I’m not a expert and was just goofing off and now want to know how to do it, it only hosts node, which I am not using.

Github doesn’t run script, so you would need a host to do that. You would need to use some NodeJS and probably express